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Infotext für Tagung Directed Energy Systems 2012 München

17.02.2012 02:16:03
For the conference participants Directed Energy Systems 2012 , Munich 21 - 23 February 2012:

Help us Stop the Misuse of Directed Energy Weapons!
German citizens inform about new crimes and threats coming from Germany:
Dear conference participants

Not only the good guys can apply directed energy weapons. In Germany criminals are using microwave weapons to attack persons and computers. Fact and evidence can be provided [www.findefux.de] !
We are citizens of Germany and victims of crimes with directed energy weapons and want to inform you that new possibilities of terror arise from Germany. Hightech-gangs in Germany are using high-power microwave (HPM)-weapons that supply continous or pulsed waves over long periods of time. They have magnetrons, microwave-generators, amplifiers and integrated systems. There are also parabolic antennas modified to transmitters. Besides this, intelligent (adaptive) antenna systems (numerous small transmitters connected) are used, for example hidden in buildings around the target/person(s). In addition they apply through wall imaging techniques. - The effects of these directed energy weapons or HPM-beams on the victims include headache, irregular heartbeat, painful testes, eye damage and cancer.

Already in 2002 News from Infowar Conference Washington reported: "...there is mounting evidence that home-brew HPM weapons are being used to attack people...The latest research and finding on this horrific trend in Europe is quite frightening" (Volume I, Number 6, August 28, 2002). IEEE Spectrum (Nov. 2003) had a cover story about microwave weapons and e-bombs that stated: "For the wired world, the allure and the danger of high-power microwave weapons are both very real!" NewScientist (4. April 2009) wrote about the dangers of "Home-made directed-energy weapons".

Microwave weapons and e-bombs are a real threat to people and critical infrastructures like computer networks, power grids, literally anything that works with electronics or computers. But the German police and law enforcement don't do anything to stop the misuse and testing of these weapons.
There should not be once more terror in the U. S. or other countries coming from persons or weapons from Germany! People around the world could be attacked with directed energy weapons (microwave weapons / radio frequency weapons) that are already used by perpetrators and organized crime in Germany. It would be an error to think that non-lethal weapons are not available for law-breakers. "Unless we are aware of the possibilities, and acknowledge them, there is no way we can begin to defend ourselves" (News from Infowar Conference Washington). It may also be in the own interest of proponents of directed energy weapons to prevent misuse and thus a bad reputation for these weapons (cf. statements from UK National Academy of Sciences / Royal Society Report February 2012). - It is better to inform and to tackle than to wait and ignore!
For more information see: THE MISUSE OF MICROWAVE WEAPONS BY CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS www.mikrowellenterror.de/english/index

Please help us stop the Misuse of Directed Energy Weapons. Any help is welcome!
Please inform your colleagues, the directed energy community and the media about these new crimes and threats!
We wish you an interesting conference and nice days in Munich!

Victims Community / Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektro-Waffen www.mikrowellenterror.de
Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Graduate Engineer Henriette Zotzmann, Graduate Engineer Rudi Zotzmann and more than 200 other German citizens.
Contact: Phone: 49(0)911 5187681, Fax 49(0)3991 125148; E-mail: esslingen_44@yahoo.de ;

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Infotext für Tagung Directed Energy Systems 2012 München

Dr. Munzert 5304 17.02.2012 02:16:03

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