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Electromagnetic weapons Frying tonight (Update)

13.10.2011 17:48:16
Electromagnetic weapons Frying tonight
Der renommierte Economist bringt umfangreiche Aussagen zu anti-elektronik Mikrowellenwaffen/Radio Frequency Weapons plus eine direkte Anwendung gegen Menschen (Active Denial System). [www.economist.com]

"...they create their electromagnetic pulses with magnetrons, the microwave generators at the hearts of radar sets (and also of microwave ovens)...Many electromagnetic weapons do, indeed, look like radars, at least to non-expert eyes. America’s air force is developing a range of them based on a type of radar called an active electronically scanned array (AESA). When acting as a normal radar, an AESA broadcasts its microwaves over a wide area. At the touch of a button, however, all of its energy can be focused onto a single point. If that point coincides with an incoming missile or aircraft, the target’s electronics will be zapped...
There is, however, at least one electromagnetic weapon that is designed to attack enemy soldiers directly—though with the intention of driving them off, rather than killing them. This weapon, which is called the Active Denial System, has been developed by the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, in collaboration with Raytheon. It works by heating the moisture in a person’s skin to the point where it feels, according to Kelley Hughes, an official at the directorate who volunteered to act as a guinea pig, like opening a hot oven. People’s reaction, when hit by the beam, is usually to flee. The beam’s range is several hundred metres. Such anti-personnel weapons are controversial.... Disabling communications and destroying missiles is one thing. Using heat-rays on the enemy might look bad in the newspapers, and put civilians off their breakfast."

siehe auch: [www.nationaldefensemagazine.org]
"...experts say the most useful nonlethal technology to modern forces is directed energy weapons that allow troops to impact adversaries in various settings... A directed energy weapon developed by Raytheon Co. causes burning sensation on the skin. The active-denial system delivers a beam of electromagnetic radiation the same way a microwave would to heat meals..."

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Electromagnetic weapons Frying tonight (Update)

Dr. Munzert 4955 13.10.2011 17:48:16

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