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US Rechtsexperte spricht sich gegen Einsatz von Mikrowellen-Waffen aus

25.09.2010 11:38:49
Amerikanischer Rechtsexperte, Prof. Ronald Collins (University of Washington Law School), spricht sich gegen Einsatz von Mikrowellen-Waffen aus: Protests & pain-ray guns — the future? [www.firstamendmentcenter.org] und fordert eine Offenlegung aller entsprechenden Dokumente und Pläne sowie eine ausführliche Informierung der Bevölkerung: "We need light!"
Auszug: "Protests & pain-ray guns
Last month Rachel Maddow aired a segment on a device known as “the active denial system,” aka “pain-ray guns.” The Raytheon-manufactured pain weapon, which momentarily puts one in severe agony, was originally purchased by the Department of Defense for crowd control in Afghanistan. On reflection, however, the department concluded that it might appear inhumane to blast Afghans with an invisible and intense beam of heat. So the weaponry was returned to the United States … where it could be used on Americans instead. In other words, what seemed inhumane for use abroad might be deemed acceptable here.

The National Institute of Justice, which is the research arm of the Justice Department, has arranged with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to conduct an experimental trial of a scaled-down version of the pain-ray gun at the Pitchess Detention Center. The 7½-foot-tall heat-ray weapon — tagged by one former sheriff official as the “Holy Grail of Crowd Control” — will be tested on unruly inmates. (See story here.)

Question: If the pain-ray gun — the same basic weapon the DOD spent $40 million to produce and then decided not to use — proves popular with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, how long will it be before that department or others in the U.S. will elect to use the weapon to control political protesters — say, at the next Democratic and Republican national conventions? Will this weapon that transmits an intense beam of heat at the speed of light and over a distance of 700 yards become the tactic of choice for use against unpopular and boisterous demonstrators?

Two years ago... writer and feminist Naomi Wolf predicted just such a scenario. She wrote: “in development by the Pentagon is a new weapon that can effectively microwave, and thus bloodlessly incapacitate, American citizens who are demonstrating...
What to do?
If it is one day employed against political protesters, the pain-ray gun will become another tactic in a long list of schemes...This continued diminishment of our freedoms should not go unchallenged. At a minimum, the public needs to be fully and regularly informed about any and all plans to use pain-ray guns against protesters. We need light; attempts to adopt such policies cannot occur in the dark. That means there must be written policies and these policies should be public documents. Additionally, there should be a strong presumption against the use of such weapons except perhaps in clearly defined circumstances in which the need is immediate and grave. Such measures could be statutorily created or, where otherwise duly authorized by law, could be created by police policies.

Fortunately, the days of water hoses are past. But now we need to safeguard the right of all Americans to protest peacefully in public without fear of being jolted by a beam of hellish heat."

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US Rechtsexperte spricht sich gegen Einsatz von Mikrowellen-Waffen aus

Dr. Munzert 5771 25.09.2010 11:38:49

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