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Elektronische Ermordung

27.11.2005 12:55:36
<HTML>Electronic Assassination
Michele Moore, American Chronicle, November 23, 2005

The bad guys don’t use guns and bullets anymore, there’s a much easier, better way. A beam of the right electro magnetic energy aimed directly at your skull kills cleanly, secretly, silently and without a trace. A clot, a seizure, a stroke? It’s just a matter of timing and proximity. The perfect murder looks like death from natural causes.

Advanced through the wall radar allows an assassin to target you from a distance. It’s easiest to aim at places where you often sit for long periods of time like at your desk, above your TV couch or even on the commode. The electron beams pass easily through walls, ceilings and floors like cell phone signals. A sense of malaise and then a sudden, stabbing headache may be the last things you remember.

Some devices can be hidden under plastic interior coverings and aimed at the headrest of your driver's seat. Running you off the road is not necessary, you will do it yourself in a momentary swirl of induced disorientation. It’s powered from the 12 volt electrical system in your car.

Maybe they just want to harass you, to make you appear deranged and in a decline. They aim infra sound devices at your home to disrupt your sleeping. It makes your chest tight and your breathing pained. Your bones will ache and your skin will itch, your face will wither and your eyes sink, swollen and blood shot. Your doctor will not know what’s wrong with you.

A rival can decide to discredit you at a major event. Have a big presentation or important appearance where it’s critical that you look good? Imagine sudden disorientation, a blank mind and being unable to put one intelligent sentence after another. Your adversaries can do this to you with electronic weaponry.

The technology to do all this is available today. Lethal directed energy microwave devices exist, so does sonic weaponry, ELF, extremely low frequency microwave. It’s real and not science fiction. And it’s in the hands of organized crime and hate groups who use it at will with devastating results.

Don’t believe it? Google directed energy weapon, psycho electronics and electronic harassment and you'll find out.

Our government developed this sinister technology in secret without appropriate controls. They have not alerted the public to its existence or to its dangers. And they have not developed devices to detect and defend us against it.

Do you have something of value someone powerful wants? Does someone with the right connections want you out of the way? Could you blow the whistle on wrong doing? Consider yourself a target. The group of goons who have access to this technology harass and kill at will without remorse.

What are the implications to democracy and freedom as use of electronic weaponry spreads? In it’s most benign form these electronic systems can render large groups of people docile and dim. In the hands of a demagog, lethal electronic weaponry will be devastating.</HTML>
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Elektronische Ermordung

Infoman 4750 27.11.2005 12:55:36

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