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Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektro-Waffen

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Re: Organisierte Kriminalität und MW-Waffen

Dr. Munzert
01.10.2005 16:57:11
<HTML>Ein weiterer wichtiger Artikel der Autorin, in dem die heimtückische Anwendung von Mikrowellen-Waffen und anderen Directed Energy Weapons durch Organisierte Kriminalität im Mittelpunkt steht:

Who Is Protecting Our Psychotronic Weapons?
Michele Moore
California Chronicle, September 27, 2005

Organized Crime Is Using It To Gain Control of our Businesses, Business Leaders, Our Country...

You have a major deal pending, it’s worth millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Your planning and preparation are impeccable, everything is in place for a major success. Your execution to date has been superb.

Then weird things start happening. You wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding feeling like you are being blasted by some sort of energy. Searing headaches set in at the same time. Strangely, moving away from the spot where you normally sleep may help initially.

You feel dazed, disoriented, forgetful and confused the next day. You cannot remember simple things, your mental acuity is shot. The headaches may persist during the day, drugs don’t help. Your customary drive, focus and aggressiveness are gone, you don’t feel like energizing or exerting yourself in any way.

Your doctors can find nothing wrong. Your gut tells you it is not that something is wrong with you but that it is something that is being done to you, but you can’t determine what. You begin to search for answers.

Perhaps a news items about electronic weapons deployment in Afghanistan prompts you to wonder if something similar might be used against you. You search the internet on subjects like: electronic harassment, electronic weapons, and psychotronics.

You find lots of chilling articles from the 1990's describing the use and development of various microwave and electronic weapon systems up to that time. You discover microwaves of certain frequencies can be used to disorient, debilitate and devastate unsuspecting victims invisibly, secretly, silently, without a trace.

Microwaves beams can be narrowly focused over long distances, they penetrate walls and physical barriers, they are practically impossible to detect. See www.eharassment.ca for more information.

You discover that Congressional inquiry and oversight drove the development and distribution of these electronic weapons into the hands of private contractors where they remain today. There is no recent information readily available about how they are developed or distributed. Or how to defend yourself against them.

Your executive security and physical security people are powerless to help you. They tell you the expertise to deal with these weapons is in the hands of a small, closed cadre of covert operators and contractors. Even if you could prove the use of these weapons against you, it would be practically impossible to detect and locate the source.

Law enforcement officials, should you try to involve them, are powerless to help you and will think you are crazy for asking.

You know there is a shadowy world of underground operatives who move easily and seamlessly between the government and private sectors. They are veterans of the intelligence community, the military and various government agencies. Perhaps you have even used them in the past to assist with certain especially sensitive situations.

Reliable detection equipment is nonexistent. With luck you find someone who can help you identify and eliminate the debilitating electronics from your home and business. If not, you are like the rest of us, vulnerable.

Organized crime has access to these psychotronic weapons. They are using them to gain control of businesses by targeting key decision makers. If you are successful and you are not a target now, you will be.</HTML>
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Eine reale Bedrohung (neuer US-Artikel)

Infoman 4528 05.08.2005 20:45:26

Re: Organisierte Kriminalität und MW-Waffen

Dr. Munzert 3062 01.10.2005 16:57:11

Re: Eine reale Bedrohung (neuer US-Artikel)

Dr. Munzert 2878 09.08.2005 10:40:24

Re: Eine reale Bedrohung (neuer US-Artikel)

Dr. Munzert 2933 07.08.2005 11:54:55

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