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Re: microwave/ultrasound pain in spain

Deputy Webmaster
30.05.2005 00:59:02
<HTML>Thank you mc!
Das posting gehört in diesen thread, deshalb wurde es hier eingeordnet.
Die Übersetzung erfolgte vermutlich maschinell und ist deshalb nicht gerade perfekt, aber schon ein beträchtlicher Informationsgewinn im Vergleich zum spanischen Original - jedenfalls für die meisten von uns:

Translation: microwawe/Ultrasound in spain
Autor: mc (80.102.7.---)
Datum: 05-27-05 07:58

All we know that this does not make simple microwaves

The article
A judge investigates an assumption
case of coaction by radiations
A judge of Barcelona investigates
if an industralist of
city compels to
neighbors by means of radiations
electromagnetic. The magistrate
he ordered an entrance and registry yesterday
in the address of the denounced ones,
in the high part of Barcelona,
with the intention to find the apparatus
that supposedly it causes
those emissions of microwaves, that
they are harmful for the health. Nevertheless,
the result was negative.
The case goes back to the month of May,
when the Marquesses of Vilanova
i the Geltrú, Mercedes Carandini y
Robert, of 56 years, and Javier Fontcuberta
Samá, of 62 years, they presented/displayed
a denunciation against neighbors
of its block, industralist R. S.
H. and its woman, C. C. K., by presumed
compel, threats and injuries.
Both families are enemy
for five years because of
works in the property,
The denunciation relates that, at dawn
of the 17 of May of the 2003,
as much the Marquise as its husband
they verified that the radio was connected
single and that by its loudspeaker
they heard strange voices that would utter
threats, as well as whistle, howls
and whistles, after which the emission
it was interrupted.
The television also switch on
and it extinguished single several times. When
they wanted to denounce the facts by
telephone to the police, they heard the same ones
voices that in the radio and were cut
the communication. After this attempt
of call, they heard blows in
ceiling, that they came from the superior floor,
occupied by the denounced ones.
When lying down,
the marriage heard a similar noise
to the "firing of a firearm" and
such taps. From
that moment, to similarity of one it unloads
electrical. They repeated each average
hour and 30 seconds lasted about.
If they rose, the situation
she was more distressing. They noticed hummings
in the ears, pressure in the head,
difficulty to breathe, breathlessness,
nauseas and mareos. Since then,
the marriage has undergone several episodes
The radiations they are of high frequency and they can
to emit itself from made apparatuses
specifically for it, even
with microwaves domestic manipulated.
The denouncers assure
that these radiations are emitted
from the floor superior to his.
The holder of the Court of Instruction
number 24, Josep Majó, it opened
diligences. In the investigation
the denouncers have declared so much
like its daughter and personnel of the service
domestic. All of them confirmed
to have suffered pitidos in
ears, taquicardias, pressure in the head and breathlessness. Also they stated
that the television ignited single.
by the harmed ones to solve
the problem, it noticed in its meats
those effects. It declared in the court
that it had a pressure sensation
craneal. It explained that the only explanation
of the phenomenon it was the existence
of an electromagnetic field
of produced VHF
by present valves in
domestic microwaves.
PROVOKER OF NAUSEAS/ These apparatuses
they are not easily,
although they are for sale in Internet and
in some countries of the East and in
The U.S.A.. Some premises of Barcelona
specialized in security they arrived
to concern the product - they called to them
provokers of nauseas or mareos -,
although they were not commercialized.
Its value goes up to around the 90 euros.</HTML>
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microwave/ultrasound pain in spain

mc 4170 20.05.2005 20:45:41

Re: microwave/ultrasound pain in spain

Deputy Webmaster 3047 30.05.2005 00:59:02

Re: microwave/ultrasound pain in spain

Robin 2754 21.05.2005 09:18:03

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