Das perfekte Verbrechen?

Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektro-Waffen

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Neuer Artikel: Mikrowellen und perfektes Verbrechen

16.05.2004 16:51:04
<HTML>Ein aktueller Artikel (11.2.2004) eines Diplom-Elektronik-Ingenieurs [Bachelors and Masters in Electronic Science] und Doktoranden der Kernphysik befasst sich ausführlich mit dem Gebrauch von manipulierten Mikrowellenherden und Mikrowellenstrahlung zu Verbrechen und persönlicher Kriegsführung:
Microwaves: Turning from Conventional to Unconventional

Der Autor bestätigt völlig die Aussagen und Erfahrungen über das perfekte Verbrechen mit Mikrowellenwaffen aus unseren Berichten:
„Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.”

“Do microwaves have the potential to kill? How do these disrupt electronic systems? Here are few of the questions that have been asked quite frequently. A brief description on the basics behind the technology of indirect combat.”

“It is very important to understand that microwave transmission are only a tool whose applications are left to the user to the best possible way he/she can think of. As more and more people learn about microwaves, obviously the people who think differently come up with unique ways to use their tools, including criminal uses also.”

“However, I would like to concentrate on the misuses and non-conventional uses of microwaves, which are gaining importance in the area of military and personal warfare. For example, how does a microwave oven cook food? First of all the microwave oven uses a magnetron operating in the frequency of 2.45 GHz. This has a wavelength of 12.2 cm. Now this frequency is enough to penetrate a potato placed in your oven. But, while doing so, it twists the water molecules within your food back and forth, thereby causing thermal energy to be generated between them, which is in turn transferred to your potato by conduction process, making your potato hot from inside out.
But what happens when these electromagnetic waves are focused on a living being? As happens with a light wave, which can be collimated with a simple magnifying lens, a microwave source can be focused or set to reflect in a particular direction only [with means of antennas, or precisely a horn antenna]. A living being consists mostly of water. Our bodies are majority water. Very simply put, a microwave oven, taken apart and coupled to a focusing antenna on top of the magnetron can be a potential lethal weapon. An attack like this is totally undetected and does not require the attacker to come directly in contact with the victim. An attack of this type is coined under the laws of electronic harassment. When a weapon is focused on to a victim, the microwaves penetrate about 1/64 inch of his skin and start heating up the skin intensely, causing blisters and burning of the top layer of the skin. Other symptoms may include but are not limited to: Headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, breathing difficulty, irregular heartbeat, sexual stimulation and hearing voices. Additional symptoms have been reported in some individuals such as paralysis, balance problems, body and/or muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion, depression, difficulty in concentrating, seizure, sleep disturbances, and memory difficulties.”

„These are weapons of crimes that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.”

“To conclude, all I have to say is that these weapons are going to be an integral part of the criminal world and extreme forms of electronic harassment. All these weapons require is a power supply and they are set to go!!”</HTML>
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Neuer Artikel: Mikrowellen und perfektes Verbrechen

Infoman 3686 16.05.2004 16:51:04

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