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13.03.2015 11:26:09
Nanopartikel aus der Medizintechnik in Verbindung mit hochfrequenten Magnetfeldern zur drahtlosen Hirnbeeinflussung, NewScientist 12.3.2015:

"So instead of using electrodes, her team injected magnetic nanoparticles into a particular region in the brains of three mice. They then zapped the mice's brains with low radio-frequency magnetic fields.The fields were applied first in one direction, then another, causing the nanoparticles to give off heat as they tried to realign with the field. That heat was then picked up by TRPV1 receptors on nearby neurons – causing them to fire and pass on electrical signals."

Siehe auch diese Mikrowellenanwendung:
"Wireless routers could spy on your breathing and heartbeat
22 April 2015 Magazine issue 3018.
A radar-like system that fits inside a Wi-Fi box can record health data and keep tabs on your mood – without you even noticing... Called Vital-Radio, the system needs no sensors attached to the body, yet is nearly as accurate as conventional methods. Its measurements are wireless and even work through walls, so can keep tabs on your vital signs as you watch TV in the lounge or read or sleep in the bedroom. ..
"Breathing and heart rate would be interesting in hospitals if you want to monitor people without having things on their body," ...Vital-Radio works like a bit like radar: it transmits using a part of the radio spectrum similar to that used for Wi-Fi, then watches the reflected signals for imprints that indicate life. It also measures how long it takes the reflected wave to return – its "time of flight". Each object in the vicinity, people included, will reflect the signals with a slightly different flight time depending on distance from the antenna.
The system then analyses the signals for the telltale signs that they bounced off a human – usually modulations that indicate movement. The rising and falling of our chest creates a distinct signature, and even the pulse in our neck, imperceptible to the eye, can be seen in the reflected signals. ."

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Nanopartikel aus der Medizintechnik in Verbindung mit hochfrequenten Magnetfeldern zur drahtlosen Hirnbeeinflussung

Dr. Munzert 4860 13.03.2015 11:26:09

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