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Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektro-Waffen

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Wikipedia: Wichtige Informationen und Fakten zu Mikrowellen-Waffen und -Verbrechen

17.07.2012 23:28:09
In der Internetenzyklopädie Wikipedia finden sich zunehmend wichtige Informationen über Mikrowellen-Waffen und andere Directed Energy Weapons bzw. elektromagnetische Waffen, die zentrale Aussagen von Opfern von Mikrowellen-Verbrechen sowie unserer Website bestätigen.
Beginnen wir damit: Electromagnetic weapon
from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [en.wikipedia.org]

"Electromagnetic (radiation) weapons are a type of directed energy weapons which

use electromagnetic radiation to deliver heat, mechanical, or electrical energy to a

target to cause various, sometimes very subtle, effects. They can be used against

humans, electronic equipment, and military targets generally, depending on the


...Pulsed Microwave devices use...microwave radiation which can be made to

closely mimic and interact with normal human brain waves having similar amplitudes

and frequencies. The heart, lungs, and other vital organs are controlled by very

low voltage electric signals from the human brain. It should be possible to disrupt,

catastrophically, such signals — from a distance — using this technology...

Project Pandora was conducted by the Advanced Research Projects Agency...

included externally induced auditory input from pulsed microwaves which create the

effect of hearing mechanical or clicking noises. Test subjects reported clearly

hearing the sounds whether or not they were wearing ear protection, such as ear


Use against humans. When used against humans electromagnetic weapons can
have dramatic effects...

Three military advantages of such weapons are:
That the individual or group of people would not necessarily realize that they were
being targeted by such a device.
That microwave radiation, like some other radio frequency radiation, can easily
penetrate most common building materials.
That with specialized antennas the radiation and its effects can be focused on
either an individual or a large area such as a city or country.

Potential military(/law enforcement) uses for such weapons include:
Ability to deprive an enemy force of sound, uninterrupted sleep for a prolonged
Capability to persuade, indirectly, the close comrades...that — (someone) is
mentally unsound and is not to be taken seriously. Such feelings, voices, or
strange noises and dreams can be imposed on the enemy with some precision by
specialized, microwave-type radiation antennas.

Some bio-effects of electromagnetic (radiation) weapons include effects to the
human central nervous system resulting in drowsiness, localized physical pain (e.g.
headaches or joint pain), difficulty breathing, vertigo, incontinence, nausea,
disorientation, or other systemic discomfort. Electromagnetic radiation weapons may
cause cumulative damage to the human body. ...can affect the human nervous
system and might lead to diseases of the nervous system...

Millimeter-wave pulses can affect the epidermis (skin) and dermis, the thick
sensitive layer of skin and connective tissue beneath the epidermis that contains
blood, lymph vessels, sweat glands, and nerve endings, generating a burning
sensation or actual burn from as far as 700 meters.

Vergleiche meinen Artikel: Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons von 2002

Und zum Missbrauch von Mikrowellen-Waffen oder -geräten durch Kriminelle, auf der selben Wikipediasite:
"A US.citizen could...launch from behind drawn blinds a covert electronic attack on an unwanted, unsuspecting neighbor thereby influencing the neighbor to sell his house and move away. Even if the neighbor suspected - or knew - he was being harassed electronically he probably could not convince the authorities to search his unfriendly neighbor's home without his being able to produce indisputable evidence of the harassment."

Vergleiche dazu (bereits vor ca.10 Jahren veröffentlicht und inzwischen voll bestätigt):
Mikrowelle als Nahkampfwaffe [www.mikrowellenterror.de]
Mikrowellen-Angriffe: Das perfekte Verbrechen - wie lange noch? [www.mikrowellenterror.de]
The Misuse of Microwave Weapons by Criminals and Terrorists.[www.mikrowellenterror.de]

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Wikipedia: Wichtige Informationen und Fakten zu Mikrowellen-Waffen und -Verbrechen

Dr. Munzert 7509 17.07.2012 23:28:09

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