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Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons Dr. Munzert, Sept. 2002

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Do Microwave Weapons Kill?
Scientific American, Feb. 2003

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Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Germany, Erlangen

High Power Microwave (HPM) systems are among the most mature non-lethal weapons. They can be used effectively against electronic devices (anti-electronics) and/or persons (anti-personnel weapon). Microwave weapons (Directed energy weapons/Radio frequency weapons) damage or destroy computers, disable the electronics of cars, ignite airbags, and take down airplanes. They have strong
effects and can be used for military and police as well as terrorist and criminal activities.

Microwave devices are easily to obtain and can be built by terrorists or criminals with basic knowledge in electronics. To quote Jim Lewis, director of technology at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC.: "It is unfortunately true that people anywhere around the globe get access to technology almost as advanced as the Department of Defense [has it]."

Not only the good guys can apply non-lethal weapons: "...there is mounting evidence that home-brew HPM weapons are being used to attack people...The latest research and finding on this horrific trend in Europe is quite frightening" (News from Infowar, Volume I Number 6, August 28, 2002).

Through the illegal usage of innovative high-tech weapons, people are not "shot", rather their living quarters are bathed in (high frequency) electromagnetic waves. A hightech-gang in Germany is using and testing HPM-weapons that supply continous or pulsed waves over long periods of time. They have magnetrons, microwave-generators, amplifiers and integrated systems. The (pulsed) waves of two or more transmitters interfere in the target zone and strengthen their effects. There are also parabolic antennas modified to transmitters. Besides this, intelligent (adaptive) antenna systems (numerous
small transmitters connected, instead of few large ones; for example hidden in parked cars/vans or buildings around the target/person(s) are used. In addition they apply through wall imaging methods. - The effects of the HPM-beam on the victims include headache, irregular heartbeat, painful testis, burned skin, eye damage and cancer.

It would be an error to think that non-lethal weapons are not available for law-breakers. "Unless we are aware of the possibilities, and acknowledge them, there is no way we can begin to defend ourselves" (News from Infowar) - It is better to inform and to tackle than to wait and ignore.

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